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Logistic of China⇄Philippines

March 21, 2018

Want to shop directly from China for retail or wholesale, but not sure about the safety of the shipment, or worry about the cost would be too high? Here we are, we offer the best price for shipping, airfare and best service quality. we do shipping from China to Philippines, airfare from China to Philippines and the other way around as well. All what you need to do after shopping at China online store, is just message/email us for informing your cargo details and your contact information, then your cargoes will be delivered in Manila. Our office is at Mandaluyong, at this moment, we do not yet support on door delivery. Please kindly come to our warehouse at Mandaluyong for pick up or we will arrange local delivery service for you. enjoy your shopping in China!

Mar 22, 2018

1. The warehouse' address in China of shipping and airfare are different, please be noticed.

2. Please contact us for bigger cargoes which over 1cbm, will give details through email.

Mar 26, 2018

You can shop at any online/offline stores in China, and if you somehow need help for purchase the items because of payment issues, language conflicts or communication reasons etc, we will be there to be your personal shopper by charging 5% of the item's price as service fee. 

The often being used shopping websites in China are

https://www.aliexpress.com (retails)

https://www.alibaba.com (retails and wholesale)

https://world.taobao.com (it is all in Chinese)