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  1. How do I pay for your service?

     For shipping and airfare, we don not charge our clients in advance. Payment is only required once cargo is in Manila and ready to be picked up.

     For shopping for our clients in China stores, we do require for prepayment 100%, and when the cargoes are here, we will charge the shipping fee.

     We accept bank deposite.

     If you need delivery service from our manila warehouse to your place, the local delivery fee will be charged.

  2.What about custom clearance and importation taxes and duties?

    Duties and VAT are included in our service, no extra charge on that.

   3.Do the cargoes have insurance?

    If you don’t receive the cargoes after 60 days from the day we send out the containers from our warehouse in China, you can apply for “package missing”(aside of the factors of weather, political reasons and custom checking) we will give compensation as 3 times of the shipping or airfare fee if your cargoes don’t have insurance, and if you bought insurance for your cargoes, you will be paid fully by the insurance up to 80000 pesos for your loss.  

    If you decide to buy insurance for your cargoes, please contact us and apply for insurance right after you finish purchasing your items online, the price of the insurance will be7% of the item value.    

    If you never contact us, the items will be managed as non insurance cargoes.


    4.How do I declare the item?

   All the items you are sending to our warehouse in China must be legal items.

   If the declare is failed to be true or legal, you will be taking the legal consequence as the law requires.

    5. What should I do after shopping online?   

   Please contact us to pass the tracking number and reference we need of your cargo, including: package description,  your name, phone number and delivered address

     6. Can I use your service if I am not in Manila?

​   Yes. Of course,  we will organize local delivery service to send your cargo from Manila to the place you prefer.